What is Hire Space?

Hire Space makes venue booking easy.

Hire Space is a venue booking platform designed to make your booking experience as enjoyable and unique to you as possible. Hire Space helps people find great spaces.

Hire Space makes it easy for venues to join an ever-growing community of unique venues and even easier to be found by event bookers.

With thousands of venues across the UK and globally, and the advice of our Venue Experts, you are bound to find the perfect space for your next event, big or small.


Hire Space’s powerful search engine allows you to find any venue with any budget from a blank canvas to a rooftop bar, with occasion type and person count options in seconds.

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Based in one of the most unique cities in the world, Hire Space has a wide range venues to offer. You have the opportunity to choose from hosting a party in a boat on the water to The Walkways at Tower Bridge.

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Hire Space has expanded quickly from London to represent venues across the UK and globally. There are endless opportunities to arrange memorable events across the world. The Hire Space platform will support you all the way.

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From our experienced in-house venue experts to our premium service account managers, Hire Space Professional has the team to provide you a premium level client service while rewarding you for trusting us with your venue search.

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