How to win

  1. Make a venue award entry before the deadline, 6pm on June 7th. Submit an entry for the Superstar Event Organiser category by August 2nd here.

  2. Entries will be shortlisted down to four finalists for each award.

    • These categories are open to venues. Each entry for awards listed under these categories will be ranked and shortlisted based on their Hire Space Index:

      • Modern Venue Marketing

      • Most Popular

      • Forward-Thinking Venues

    • This category is open to in-house event organisers from corporates and brands. Each entry for awards under this category will be ranked and shortlisted based on their online entry:

      • Superstar Event Organisers

  3. Venues shortlisted are invited to work on their full submissions in June 2019. There is no 2nd stage submission required for the Superstar Events Organisers category.

  4. An external judging panel comprising of industry leaders and innovators, will judge the submissions and determine the winners.


Key dates & Deadlines

30th April - 7th June
Open for venue nominations for all categories [deadline 7th June] with the exception of the Superstar Event Organisers category.

8th June - 24th June
Shortlisting process for all venue nominations, based on Hire Space Index.

20th June - 2nd August
Superstar Event Organisers category now open for nominations [deadline 2nd August].

25th June - 23rd July
Venue finalists are invited to make their full award submissions to the external judging panel [deadline 23rd July].

17th October
The winners are announced at the Hire Space Awards 2019 ceremony, at The National Gallery.