EventLAB 2017 - The Lowdown

With over 750 visitors, EventLAB 2017 brought together the very best of the events industry for two days of keynote talks, panel discussions, workshops, masterclasses and networking sessions, alongside a showcase of the top venues and suppliers in the industry.

The majority of delegates came from corporate or event agency backgrounds, as well as a fifth of attendees representing charities.

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On EventLAB’s Conference Stage, our speakers examined the challenges faced by the events industry, looked at what the future might hold and discussed how the industry could be improved for event professionals.

Over the two days our speakers provided high quality discussion, and thanks to Glisser’s audience engagement tool, delegates were able to easily engage with our speakers and panelists, posing questions and participating in polls. 

The tackling of everyday challenges facing the events industry today was a key theme of EventLAB. Security at events was a popular topic, with numerous threats and risks to be considered, especially when hosting large events at public venues. Our panel provided advice and some enlightening discussion on what can be done to find the right balance between safety and maintaining the integrity of an event.

Alongside external challenges faced by the industry, it was important to address the internal challenges faced by professionals within the industry and what could be done to improve their working lives. Our panel on wellbeing in the events industry highlighted this need for change, with EventWell co-founders Helen Moon and Samme Allen leading the conversation.

Our experts also delved into the topic of women in leadership and how we, as an industry, can nurture and develop talent.

“Women in Leadership: What can we do to nurture industry talent and encourage career progression for women in events?” brought together a panel of experts to discuss what could be done to ensure everyone is given equal opportunity to excel and develop their talent.



The Future

Excitingly, EventLAB was also an opportunity to look at the future of the industry and explore where events are headed in 2018 and beyond. Alongside the significant implications of new and disruptive tech, it’s key to look at how our culture is changing and how this affects event expectations.

Virtual Reality has real potential, both for previewing venues from the comfort of the office and, as London Filmed highlighted on the day, providing unique entertainment to guests at events. 

Alongside advances in hardware, the growth of AI technology is revolutionising the way in which events are organised. The disruptive potential of information, gathered smartly gathered and delivered to clients, is huge.

Guest expectations at events is also shifting. Victoria Archbold highlighted that it is increasingly important to provide guests with experiences. Millennial audiences, for example, are more receptive to brands that make a personal connection. 


EventLAB was also an opportunity to share skills and knowledge between events professionals and facilitate connections. The workshops provided informative opportunities to develop skills and learn best practice approaches to different areas of the industry. From Andy Bagnall’s popular workshop on the "UK Politics of Brexit" to the masterclass on “How to Position Your Brand in a Busy Market Place” led by Hire Space’s own Edward Poland and Marcus Stanway-Williams, there was a varied range of advice available to delegates.



The interactive networking sessions, hosted by EventLAB partners, were a unique offering at the event. Their relaxed atmosphere allowed for enjoyable networking opportunities while having some fun, be it sushi making, learning sleight of hand magic or discovering VR games.

Excitement buzzed throughout CodeNode as our exhibitors met venue bookers. From Lick Me I’m Delicious’s marvellous Nitro Ice Cream and Edible Bubble stands, to glamorous venues and luxury events suppliers, delegates were entertained throughout the day. 



What's Next?

The aim of EventLAB 2017 was to bring together the very best of the events industry for two days of learning and discovery. With a focus on content, the event provided delegates with actionable take-aways, opportunities for skills enhancement and a platform for engaging and provocative discussion.

The first EventLAB marks the very beginning of our journey delivering high quality content for events professionals, designed to help drive our industry forward, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Find out what's in store for EventLAB 2018.