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Laura Capell-Abra

Coach, No More Ifs or Buts

Founder of event-industry coaching company, No More Ifs Or Buts and event industry pledge scheme, Stress Matters; Laura Capell-Abra believes in working with others to invigorate businesses and maximise efficiencies through the power of processes and teamwork.

Laura is a business and career coach, working with teams from graduate level up to C-board level.  Breaking down subjects such as leadership skills, stress management and conflict management into manageable, fun and interactive sessions for teams who want to refresh or learn new skills with limited time.   

Laura previously ran marketing events agency, Sledge Ltd and is well-versed in the pressures senior management teams deal with.  

Her work as a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire and as a trainer on an apprenticeship programme, has also allowed her to develop a good understanding of the lives of juniors entering industry.  The entry and exit process of the events industry is a focus for Laura. Whether that be helping train the new team or helping business owners sell their agencies, this broad overview enables her to spot trends and help prepare her clients for industry issues.      

Over her career, Laura has won a number of awards for clients, for agencies and has also gained personal recognition in the marketing industry. Being recognised in awards such as the top 35 under 35 list and being voted number 36 in the Event Top 100 and being commissioned to write a For Dummies guide, Laura has the ability to translate complex subjects into accessible and fun workshop sessions.

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