Maximising the Value of Exhibiting at a B2B Trade Show

Maximising the Value of Exhibiting at a B2B Trade Show

Our PR friends at Davies Tanner joined us for an educational evening to offer some great tips on how to maximise the value of exhibiting at a B2B trade show. 

Despite PR being a crucial element for organisations at trade shows, it is often overlooked until the last minute. We wanted to demonstrate not only why PR is so important before, during, and after trade shows, but how exhibitors can use it to its full potential. Here are some of the key takeaways from the evening;

You clicked publish on a piece of content, and then what?

You clicked publish on a piece of content, and then what?

When we hear people talk about ways to increase engagement I often hear things like create more valuable content. This is very true, however if nobody sees that valuable content then so what? 

Knowing how to promote your content is as important as creating content; therefore having a promotion strategy is key to most successful digital campaigns today. 

I will show you 3 important areas that you need to be aware of when promoting content to help with engagement, reach and ultimately conversions. 

B2B Marketing: Who's Getting it Right? 6 Marketing Pro's Give Their View

B2B Marketing: Who's Getting it Right? 6 Marketing Pro's Give Their View

2019 has seen huge changes in the B2B marketing arena, with technological innovations, and innovative companies finding new and more personalised ways to utilise them, the marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive. If businesses want to continue to generate new and meaningful leads in the future it is essential they find ways to reach their audiences.

We asked some Marketing Pro’s from the events industry and beyond, what is important for a B2B marketing strategy in modern marketing and who is getting it right.

Speaker Spotlight: Carole Quinn, Legacy



Carole Quinn.jpg

Carole Quinn, the Operations Director of Legacy, has a passion and mission for sustainable event organising and revolutionising how the events world leaves it’s carbon footprint. 

Carole is also involved in the Legacy Marketplace, where she helps people with an online marketplace to organise an event using environmentally friendly suppliers. 

She and her team are set with a mission to transform the way that the events world deals with environmental issues, educating the industry on how to make positive adjustments in their event planning.

With Carole’s passion and drive to make sustainability a common practice in the events industry she will be delivering two sessions on how we can take a step in a positive direction. 

Carole will be delivering an event sustainability workshop at EventLAB 2019 at 11.30am on October 15th, part of EventLAB’s professional development programme of CPD accredited masterclasses and workshops. Seats are limited to just 45 attendees per session, so make sure to get your ticket today. This CPD Workshop will be £45+VAT and your first Workshop is free if you are an Event Organiser.*

*Venue and Supplier representatives are subject to a £60 event entry fee.


With Carole on LinkedIn or via Legacy’s website.


Carole’s CPD accredited workshop at EventLAB 2019, on 5 Sustainability Initiatives That Will Save Event Costs And Increase Brand Engagement.

Carole’s Conference Stage Talk on
Spearhead Your Event Sustainability
Initiatives With Tried And Tested Ideas
From Industry Pioneers.

EventLAB Podcast: EVCOM & Evolution

EventLAB Podcast: EVCOM & Evolution

How can you turn your digital connections into offline business relationships? Alexandra Galviz shares her advice for Digital Networking. Ed sits down with Charlotte Gentry, founder of Pure events to discuss her appointment to the EVCOM board and George & Joe bring you two exciting new venues opening up soon in London in the latest round of Venue Talk.

EventLAB Podcast: Megabits & Moderators

EventLAB Podcast: Megabits & Moderators

What does free wifi actually mean? Who is responsible for the wifi standards at events? Caleb Parker, CEO of BOLD talks about the issues that surround wifi at events. Samme Allen shares her advice for event organisers after her first year as an MC and Events Facilitator. The News Digest takes a look at the impact of extreme weather, the importance of measuring ROI and answers the question “How do I get my guests to leave after an event?”.