B2B Marketing: Who's Getting it Right? 6 Marketing Pro's Give Their View

2019 has seen huge changes in the B2B marketing arena, with technological innovations, and innovative companies finding new and more personalised ways to utilise them, the marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive. If businesses want to continue to generate new and meaningful leads in the future it is essential they find ways to reach their audiences.

We asked some Marketing Pro’s from the events industry and beyond, what is important for a B2B marketing strategy in modern marketing and who is getting it right.


Andrew Davis, Social Media & Content Marketing Trainer, The Worst Kept Secret


“There are many key attributes (to effective B2B marketing strategies) including content, advertising, and user journey. However, what is consistent across all of them is clarity. In a world where our customers are bombarded with marketing messages, being clear about your offering on all different touchpoint is important. Most B2B brands lose sales before they are aware of the opportunity due to online platforms so being clear and having clarity wins.”

Who is getting B2B Marketing right in 2019?

”Large Professional Service Networks like Deloitte and Accenture are very good at online marketing with an integrated approach. They have good social presence but also strong on some of the traditional areas of online like search and PPC advertising. You can tell successful organisations have dedicated resources behind online marketing and they are starting to get the rewards.”


Andy Headington, CEO, Adido

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“Where we are seeing the best B2B campaigns work at the moment is where businesses are doing proper attribution about their digital (and offline) efforts. Generating leads and sales can take months or years, so tracking back actual new clients to marketing efforts helps to avoid wastage and maximise channels that are performing well.”


Jim Warren, CMO, Patch Plants

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“Without an efficient B2B sales process with as little admin as possible, it's tough to scale effectively. Streamline the admin (comms, invoicing etc) and give the marketing and sales team the ability to focus on what they do best. Also it sounds simple, but don't assume you know who your best type of customer is based on anecdotal data, look at real historic data and really understand where the opportunity is before building a marketing plan and spending money.”

Who is getting B2B Marketing right in 2019?

”I've always liked what Xero do, their marketing gets to the point and answers practical, relatable questions that business consumers face every day.”


Ryan Curtis‑Johnson, Head of PR & Marketing, DRPG

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“The key has to be less is more sometimes, we can just keep messaging because we need to meet a quota or objective. It all has to be meaningful and personalised. People can see through it all now- I would say that Salesforce are great examples of being disruptors in their B2B marketing, but it has worked. Also, Cvent have been smashing it with their B2B marketing.”


Lottie Elson, Associate Director of Marketing, IMEX Group

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“Planning well head to deliver an engaging strategy is key. This allows you to generate relevant and unique content (see our brand new “IMAGINATION” white paper here for example) that genuinely boosts the professional or personal lives of your audience. Creativity and good design are increasingly important plus being really open to change including the ever evolving tech opportunities in our industry is a must. At IMEX Group we employ a wide multichannel approach to drive attendees to our two shows but never forget the power of partnerships and live, face-to-face events in the marketer’s armoury- but I would say that wouldn’t I?”


Phoebe Cherry, Consultant, Phoebe Cherry Consulting


“Be Consistent – long term strategies are more effective than short term strategies, so consistency is key.

Know your audience – segment your audience and talk to their specific pain points.

Push Boundaries – take inspiration from the B2C world and engage with customers creatively.” 

Who is getting B2B Marketing right in 2019?

“Some great B2B marketing I’ve seen recently comes from the new age of banks such as Tide, Revolut and Starling, using multi channel campaigns with great messaging, as well as other tech platforms such as Xero, and Dropbox.”