Is Data the New Currency?


How Can You Get Your Delegates to Interact with Data Touch Points?

Know you need to collect data but worried your delegates won’t like being data-mined?

Other marketing channels, such as social media, PR and marketing have really sophisticated ways of measuring data about the success of their campaigns. So why should events be left behind and miss out on a piece of the marketing budget?

With a little know-how, it’s easy to make your event a data goldmine and to gather really useful stats that could impress your client, your CEO and your accountants department.


What data can I gather?

Using some simple event tech, you can gather data about satisfaction levels, attendee numbers, engagement levels, session attendance, length of stay and footfall around the event amongst loads of other great data sets. All of these stats can be a huge help when it comes to demonstrating ROI.

The team at Noodle Live have been gathering live data at events for over 5 years using RFID name badges and event apps. We’ve helped demonstrate everything from the number of sales leads generated to numbers of delegates educated about your new product or simple numbers of attendees.

But data gathering can’t be a one way street. To get the best results, you need to make sure you’re delegates are getting something in return too. That’s where the concept of data currency comes in.


What is data currency?

How do Facebook and Instagram make their money? Why do they offer their services to millions of people around the world entirely free?

Well, in reality – it’s not free for you to use. You pay for it using your data. Every time you log in and every time you upload a post, Facebook and Instagram are gathering valuable data about you, your life and the way you interact. They can then monetise this information and provide you with the service for free.

It’s not just Facebook either! Every time you sign up for ‘free’ wifi in a café and provide your email address in exchange, you’ve just engaged in data currency. You’re willing to have your data over because you’re getting something in return. It’s a two way street and can be a win-win.  

The same principle can be applied to data gathering at events.


What can I offer in return for event data?

So, you want to gather data, you know you need to offer your delegates something to encourage them to interact – but what on earth do you offer?

How about offering instantly downloadable session notes as soon as someone signs in for a session? If you want people to fill in a quick satisfaction survey about the session they attended, why not offer them the speaker’s contact and profile details in return?

Exhibitors can offer special offers and promotions to those who leave their contact details as potential leads. They increase lead generation and delegates enjoy 20% off their next booking. Great!

Digital information points at your event can help generate data about the questions people need answers to, and in return, delegates get fast and effective access to timetables and venue maps.


How do I get started?

The fastest and most effective way to start gathering data is to use an event tech package. Look for an event tech provider who is able to work with you to create a tech package that is designed with your event and the data you want to gather in mind and then ask them for help coming up with incentives.  

If you want to know about data gathering and data currency for events, you can download a free ebook from the Noodle Live website. It covers everything from the types of data you can gather to making sure you’re GDPR ready.