Speaker Spotlight: Phoebe Cherry




Phoebe Cherry is an independent communications and events consultant. Phoebe’s work sees her partnering with businesses to assist them in engaging, connecting, and communicating with their target audiences to improve their business results.

Before going independent, Phoebe worked agency side for eight years. Her experience covers a wide variety of events and industries, with a specialty in large-scale, creative engagement events.

Phoebe’s experience in, and passion for, events will ensure you leave with applicable knowledge for your business. Her workshop will enable you to look forward to the beneficial effects of the following four learning outcomes: 1. Why you should be brave and do something different for your next event. 2. Real life examples of format-breaking events. 3. How to change up your approach to event design. And. 4. Top tips to break the mould but not break the bank.

Phoebe will be delivering a workshop on the Top Tips for Creating Format-Breaking Corporate Events at EventLAB 2019 at 9:45am on October 15th. Space is limited so make sure to book your reservation today; if you book meetings or events as part of your job you might even be eligible for free entry, click below to find out.*

*Venue and Supplier representatives are subject to a £60 event entry fee.


With Phoebe on LinkedIn or via her website.


Phoebe’s Workshop on
Top Tips for Creating Format-Breaking Corporate Events