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Returning to EventLAB 2019 will be a stellar lineup of CPD Accredited Workshops and Masterclasses. Designed to offer fresh inspiration and strategic insight from event industry influencers to give you practical takeaways and skills to incorporate into your event planning role.

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Gain practical tools and strategic insight from our knowledgeable workshop hosts, in a collaborative working environment. These 1 hour sessions are designed to help you meet your business and event objectives, stay on top of best practice, discover new innovation and keep ahead of the game.


Improving Results And Proving ROI On Your PPC Event Marketing Campaign

Andy Headington, CEO, ADIDO

9.45am, Monday 14th October, 2019 (1hr)

THEMES: Marketing, Social Media & Branding

Pay Per Click advertising can be a highly lucrative digital marketing tool, but you’re not alone if you’ve experienced the frustration of not getting the results you’d hoped for. Not only this, deciphering the reasons they campaign wasn’t more fruitful can be an added blow. Effective PPC campaigns mean dedicating time and resources to strategic planning and monitoring of progress. However, when managed successfully, PPC can offer the unique opportunity to put highly targeted content in front of the people that have indicated an interest in your product, at a time when they are most likely to engage with it. This has the power to generate fast results from the moment the campaign is live; a desired opportunity for hitting those important event registration targets. Join this session to learn about the key ways you can enhance your PPC campaign within budget, while achieving that all important ROI.


The Data-Value Exchange: Improving Your Customer Experience And Loyalty With Your Business

11.30am, Monday 14th October, 2019 (1hr)

THEMES: Marketing, Social Media & Branding | Current Affairs Regulation & Compliance

In a busy marketplace, it’s vital to not only predict common needs across your audience as a whole, but also to understand your audience by their unique sector, and their interests and needs as individuals. Collecting data about customers provides greater knowledge and allows you the opportunity to further personalise their experiences when engaging with your business. The modern customer is marketing-savvy and becoming more knowledgeable of the value of their data to organisations they engage with. Furthermore, there’s often a willingness to share that data in return for something of value in return. Gain strategic insights on your approach to data collection, why, how and what you’re collecting (whilst remaining GDPR compliant), how to analyse this data to inform more personalised content across your multi-channel digital marketing strategy in order to enhance your customer experience and relationship.



Nicole Soames, CEO, Diadem & Author of The Negotiation Book

2.00pm, Monday 14th October, 2019 (1hr)

Themes: Partnerships, Sponsorships and Sales | Leadership, Professional Development and Culture

Whatever your job title, we all have to negotiate on a daily basis - whether it’s negotiating with our family or friends over whose turn it is to drive on a night out, or agreeing the scope of a project with your colleagues or customers. The great news is that negotiation, just like any other life skill, can be learned and developed over time. This high energy and interactive masterclass will set you up for negotiation success by giving you the practical tools and techniques you need to develop a winning mindset; you’ll learn how to prepare ahead, be appropriately ambitious, communicate effectively and bring other variables to the negotiating table so you can reach a mutually beneficial outcome that leaves both parties feeling like winners.


Developing High-Impact Charity Events That Won’t Break Your Budget

Rebecca Elcome, Managing Director & Lead Producer, COVETED EVENTS

Hannah Gripton, Head of Events, THE PRINCE'S TRUST

3.45pm, Monday 14th October, 2019 (1hr)

THEMES: Engagement, Innovation & Technology

From utilising technologies to adding live performance and opportunities for human interactivity, there are numerous ways charity event organisers can evoke strong feelings of empathy and humility, in order to deliver key messages and raise vital funds. Immersive event features can be a highly effective tool through which to convey emotive narrative. In this workshop, hear from real life event experiences of how injecting immersive elements has achieved powerful outcomes. From the bold and brave to the inexpensive but creative, learn how you can diversify your fundraising events from the traditional gala ball on budget, with the potential to raise more money and awareness for your cause.


Top Tips For Creating Format-Breaking Corporate Events

Phoebe Cherry, Independent Events and Communications Consultant

9.45am, Tuesday 15th October, 2019 (1hr)

THEMES: Engagement, Innovation & Technology

Breaking away from the usual event formats can be a scary prospect, particularly if there are question marks around logistical planning, time, budget and resource constraints, quality of outcome and risks surrounding ROI. Though the upshot of creating something unique and memorable, could be what positions your brand as an innovator in your field, generating invaluable word of mouth marketing and potential new business. In this workshop, hear about real life examples of corporate event diversification, inspirational decisions that can breathe fresh life into an event by breaking away from traditional designs, and the tools you can utilise in order to calculate resource requirements, track ROI, and safeguard taking that leap.


5 Sustainability Initiatives That Will Save Event Costs And Increase Brand Engagement

Carole Quinn, Operations Director, LEGACY

11.30am, Tuesday 15th October, 2019 (1hr)

THEMES: Current Affairs Regulation & Compliance) (Engagement, Innovation & Technology

The public is more conscious of sustainability issues than ever before, about their own consumption, as well as the ethics and values of the brands they engage with. This movement has initiated a rise in the number of socially responsible brands, both in consumer and B2B markets, and is forcing businesses to match their client values and demands for more sustainable practices. Discover the simple, practical ways to approach event logistics with sustainability in mind, that won’t create extra work or resources and can actually reduce your event costs. Learn how to ask the right questions, communicate the issue with key stakeholders and showcase your accomplishments with your audience in order to develop a positive association with your brand.


Practical Ways To Develop Emotional Intelligence At Work And Tackle Stress


1.30pm, Tuesday 15th October, 2019 (1hr)

Themes: Leadership, Professional Development & Culture

Emotionally intelligent people have a high level of self awareness and awareness of others, allowing them to recognise signs of pressure or stress, long before they’re at boiling point. Achieving emotional intelligence takes a little investment of time for reflective thinking and practice in social awareness, but the results can be rewarding and can safeguard yourself and your colleagues from negative impacts on wellbeing during those busier or more challenging periods. Learn the actionable techniques you can implement at work and share with your coworkers, that will encourage responsive rather than reactive behaviours, and develop a more resilient, stress-reduced and happy workplace culture.


Sourcing The Right Event Technology And Proving ROI On Tech Adoption

Carsten Pleiser, CEO, EVENT TECH TRIBE

3.00pm, Tuesday 15th October, 2019 (1hr)

Themes: Engagement, Innovation & Technology

With a growing number of technology offerings available for enhancing events, from back end logistics and planning to front and center event engagement and event features, event organisers are increasingly expected to adopt new technologies and understand the market offerings. This workshop will provide the recommended tools for establishing the ‘nice to have’ from the ‘need to have’ for your unique event, consider the cost vs. benefit outcome, kit you with the key questions to ask tech providers, manage your tech timeline and measure ROI.



Refine and master your skills with expert advice from our highly skilled masterclass leaders. Each 2 hour masterclass is tailored specifically for who’s in the room, allowing for in-depth strategic analysis, case study insights, group activities and interactive elements.


How To Attract Bigger Sponsorships By Understanding The Needs Of The Sponsor

Kieran Morris, Director, SLINGSHOT SPONSORSHIP

10.00am, Monday 14th October, 2019 (2hr)

Themes: Partnerships, Sponsorships & Sales

With multi-platform businesses becoming more commonplace, and with a broader scope of organisations and their product offerings in the B2B marketplace, it is a more challenging environment in which to be heard and seen. Learn how to determine what is attractive to the organisations you’re pitching to become your event partners, how to better understand their objectives and personalise your proposal for their unique needs. Gain insight in how to diversity your assets, create the value, and ask the right questions. Get a clearer picture of the desired outcomes and offer a more strategic approach to ensuring your sponsors get the ROI potential they need in order to keep coming back.

Learn About:

  • Developing sponsorship beyond logo presence alone

  • How to tailor sponsor offerings in advance of reaching out to potential sponsors

  • Personalising to the sponsors unique needs (time v results)

  • What is attractive to brands, and how to better understand their objectives

  • Sponsorship of digital assets

  • Creating the value for potential sponsors

  • Getting valuable sponsor feedback (evaluation element)


How To Create Valued Marketing Content And Build Your Brand As A Thought Leader

Harry Horsfall, Digital Lead, LUNO

2.30pm, Monday 14th October, 2019 (2hr)

Themes: Marketing, Social Media & Branding

Marketers are having to become more sophisticated in the way they develop and share content, in order to cut through the noise and reach an audience that is becoming more and more selective about the content they’re exposed to. Being a thought-leader means answering the biggest challenges that your audience face, drawing on your expertise and the knowledge of your community and providing your audience with content they truly value in a way that is authentic to your brand. Time and money doesn’t have to be a huge factor here, strategy does. Learn how to develop your digital marketing strategy with tailored content that speaks to your community, exploring cost-saving content repurposing techniques and tools for producing engaging social media campaigns, while tying it in with your brand’s product offerings and mission.

Learn About:

  • Identifying the core challenges of your audience

  • Utilising your audience as a resource for content ideas

  • Generating content that demands attention and encourages action

  • Showcasing your expertise in a way that is authentic to your brand

  • Repurposing content to save time and money

  • Techniques for better social media engagement



Nicole Bradfield, Partner, WITHIN PEOPLE

10.00am, Tuesday 15th October, 2019 (2hr)

Themes: Leadership, Professional Development & Culture

The way we work together is now the way we create value together. And leaders that create conditions for people to love who they are and what they do are growing the successful businesses people want to be a part of. But our old stories of leadership are holding us back. We need to let go of what’s getting in our way, remove barriers that make leadership inaccessible and invite more people to bring their human greatness to leading our 21st century organisations. We need to unlearn the leadership that no longer serves us.

Being authentic as a leader is no new concept but it’s never been more valued than it is in the workplace of today, where self awareness and awareness of others are qualities that are not only expected of modern leaders, they are vital to the level of success of their workforce and arguably, the longevity of their business.

Whether you’re already leading an organisation or team, or you’re about to become a leader for the first time, gain fresh insight into modern tools and techniques for self reflection in order to better understand your values as a leader, how they translate to others and how you can enhance your leadership style for more effective results. Learn from real and inspiring business examples in handling the biggest leadership challenges, the common mistakes to avoid, as well as how to be transparent about your own weaknesses and draw on the strengths of others.

Learn About:

  • Unlearning old leadership habits and common mistakes to avoid

  • Being more self aware as a leader

  • Transparency in leadership

  • Self reflection tools and techniques to help you bring your super powers to leadership

  • How to recognise and complement the strengths of others in your team


How To Enhance Project Communications And Motivate Others

2.30pm, Tuesday 15th October, 2019 (2hr)

Themes: Leadership, Professional Development & Culture

Event projects require constant internal and external communications in order to succeed, and keeping everyone informed and motivated whilst overseeing a whole host of logistics and strategic planning, can be a bit of a balancing act. The potential for broken or unclear communications can be more commonplace during event projects, where fast-paced decision making is taking place in order to meet key deadlines. Learn the most time efficient techniques for keeping key stakeholders informed alongside internal project coworkers, how to best communicate project decisions with influence, and how to centre your communications around others’ motivations in order to ensure everyone across all corners of the event project team is fully invested and working towards the same mission.

Learn About:

  • Delivering succinct communications

  • Approaches to communicating key decisions to project stakeholders and internally

  • Influencing and motivating others

  • Effective ways to communicate urgency and create action

  • Motivating project coworkers to get the best results for your project

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